In-reply-to » I just posted this on LinkedIn in response to a survey from a colleague of mine asking whether ChatGPT should be credited as a co-author on papers: I did try. I believe you are being unclear and I don’t understand why. I have to tell you, just to be fully honest, that I think you are accusing me of things unfairly, and I object to that. I also think you have done this before on this site. It’s fine if you don’t like what I think, or how I think about things, or how I express myself. I’m happy to experiment with communication styles that work better. But it sure sounds to me as though you are suggesting, vaguely and without admitting to it, that I am not empathetic, not gentle, and not helping people. If that is not what you’ve been saying, then I’m sorry I misread but you really ought to clarify because it’s what I’m coming to believe.

I hear what you’re saying about scarcity. You don’t know me, nor my background, so please be careful with your assumptions on that point. I did grow up in the US, and the US is extremely privileged in many ways, but those privileges are not universally distributed. I’d also point out that I am coming from the perspective of a credentialed computer scientist who feels a responsibility to his field, and I am operating in the context of using words and rhetoric, a tool available to everyone. I don’t have degrees from fancy schools like Harvard or MIT that give my words extra weight; if I did I wouldn’t be writing this on, I’d be writing this in the New York Times.

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