In-reply-to » I just posted this on LinkedIn in response to a survey from a colleague of mine asking whether ChatGPT should be credited as a co-author on papers:

I couldn’t help but add a second response after I saw someone throw up their hands and say this is the “state of the world” now:

The state of the world is what we make it. As computer scientists, we have a responsibility to hold the line against this maniacal hype. It’s insane, in an almost literal sense, for us to follow the herd on this particular issue. We know better. We know all about just-so stories. We know about mechanical Turks. We’ve been through half a dozen or more AI hype cycles where the latest thing, whether it be expert systems or case-based reasoning or cybernetics or the subsumption architecture or neural networks or Bayesian inference or or or…., was going to replace the human mind. None of them have become that, to a one, and ChatGPT won’t either.

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