In-reply-to » @lyse I'm also on the e-mail wagon here. On I have added a "Comment via email" botten if uses are not logged in. This feature could be extend to other places in the various UIs. Like we already got the "Does not follow your" / "Follow you" on the profile page in yarnd, so this detection could be used to sugget the user to email that person, when mentioning them. For a web UI such a button sounds quite convenient. The only downside is that spammers also like that link. :-( So if built into e.g. yarnd, it should be probably opt-in and it might only really work well with single-user instances. At least it’s not obvious to me which address that e-mail reply button would use when multiple people are involved in a conversation. The original author’s? The last commentator’s? Reply to all of them? Note that I didn’t give this any real thought. This is only what popped up right in my head. :-)

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