In-reply-to » is there any way to get the total uptime of all time? not from a reboot to another, but all cumulated? #openbsd I was curious about this too, and here’s what I found for Linux. I’d suppose there are equivalents in OpenBSD?

  1. run sudo tune2fs -l BLOCK_DEVICE | grep 'Filesystem created:' on a BLOCK_DEVICE whose filesystem was created at 1st machine use
  2. run smartctl -a BLOCK_DEVICE | grep Power_On_Hours to check the total power-on hours of some BLOCK_DEVICE that’s been up since the machine’s 1st use

Obviously these both depend on having a block device (disk drive usu) whose life span is close to the machine’s total uptime. There are utilities like tuptime in Linux, which I think are also compileable on OpenBSD, that you can install when you first start up a machine to keep this cumulative uptime but that doesn’t help after the fact unless you solve time travel!

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