In-reply-to » What's everyone up to? 🤔 Good weekend so far? 🤔 Had a scouting game with the scouts today. The story was that some leaders didn’t want to let go their older kids to the next section and thus stole and hid the new neckerchiefs. So the children had to solve all sorts of puzzles in groups to get a new hint and figure out new coordinates that eventually lead to the hidden box. One station was diving for apples, the kids had really great fun. Eventually, the box with the neckerchiefs was successfully located under the hut at the scout yard.

This meant the older kids of all the sections could finally leave their mates and join the next sections. Each section comes up with some kind of an entry exam each year. What you can see in the photos is the scouts (“Jungpfadfinder”, or short “Jupfis”) who are wearing blue colored neckerchiefs and explorers (“Pfadfinder”/“Pfadis”) in green. The old cubs (“Wölfinge”/“Wös”) joining as new scouts had to guess the type of both yummy and nasty blue dyed liquids. Banana juice, cucumber water and the like.

The explorers welcomed their new members with a quiz of green things. Somebody started with the name of something green. The next person then had to find another term of a green-colored item that started with the same letter the previous thing ended in. E.g. grass, slime, emerald, dill, etc. If someone couldn’t think of a thing within fifteen seconds, they had to choose left or right and whatever another person behind them was secretly holding up in the air was then mixed into a cup as penalty. In the end they all had to savor this yucky gnat’s piss. Apparently, kids love such kind of torture. :-D

No slug was harmed by the campfire. It was professionally rescued before the wood shavings were set on fire. Saussages and buns left over from yesterday’s party were put to good use. Also marshmallows and stick bread. All in all, a great fun day.


Unfortunately, we cannot watch the sunset from the scout yard as it is located in a valley. But I timed the way home just perfectly.

Next week I have to sort through a thousand photos of two cameras from just this weekend. I’m already hating myself because I was one of the photographers. And a third source of pictures will be added. Örks.

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