In-reply-to » Uploaded some photos from my recent trip to Iceland and New York doing an artist residency coding shaders:! Man! These are some cool pictures! The Iceland gallery was the most beautiful in total to me. How else can it be, right?! ;-) Very beautiful scenery and lovely colors overall. I’d love to see that with my own eyes one day. Very hard to choose, but I have to highlight the following pics:

Additional nature shoutouts go to:

The latter one perfectly fits this sign: (probably a sunset, though ;-))

I had to chuckle at this one:

Which brings me to the art pictures. Interesting museum visits. Mostly funny and neat ideas, but also some weird ones. I immediately liked that one (again, obviously): All these chairs look really cool, great photo, mate! Perfectly fits into the art category itself:

That one is a good mix of nature and art combined, with a touch of ugliness, that brings its own beauty, though. It’s a bit hard to describe, but I hope you get what I mean:

NY has some really ugly spots, that’s quite a contrast. I especially get that feeling when looking at this brilliant shot: It portraits the shabbiness perfectly. I’m very glad I don’t live in a concrete and glass desert but rather a town. However, I have to admit, the views from the skyscrapers aren’t so bad.

Thank you very much for sharing all of them! I certainly had a blast going through them.

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