In-reply-to » If you like to suffer, you can read a report about trying out Matrix: I'm surprised that he didn't abort. Since I switched some family members over to FluffyChat (an alternative Matrix client), the headache has been reduced a bit. The default client Element has way too many buttons and options and submenus and what not for the average casual user.

And since I’m running my own non-federated Matrix server, I dodged many of the bullets described in the blog post.

The Emoji thing is really funny, now that I think about it. “Are they the same?” Haha, no, obviously not. But us nerds, we don’t even notice that this is a problem. 🥴 Reminds me of the different Emojis for „🔫“ (some fonts show a revolver, others a SciFi gun, others show a water pistol …).

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