In-reply-to » What kind of fucking bullshit is this horrible Go template garbage!? What the hell is wrong with my template? I rip it all out and replace it with some other template engine that doesn't suck balls. Holy fuck. What a giant waste of time, every fucking time I deal with this shit. End of rage. :-) Hmmm. Not so sure about that: Do I like it or not? I mean it’s cool to be able to write quick helpers directly in Go. Another benefit is that the HTML form field names are directly visible and thus can be quickly connected to the incoming request. But it’s still a bit awkward. An escape helper with a very short name would be a bit nicer to be used “inline”. But I actually would go the other way around and mark everything explicitly safe and apply auto-escaping to all unmarked strings. This way it cannot be forgotten. But this then gets a bit lengthy in the Go code I reckon.

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