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In-reply-to » There is, also, a small controversy going around for something that should have been a small change, but that Kling (SerenityOS, and Ladybird creator) handled quite badly: https://github.com/SerenityOS/serenity/pull/6814.

Yeah, though sometimes the most clever devs aren’t always the best to deal with on a personal level. I seem to remember the (former?) lead dev on GrapheneOS (IIRC) was an ass hat and threw tantrums at the smallest things and would get stalkery and weird if someone criticised him, but he’s undeniably a brilliant coder and problem solver. Some people need to be more self aware of how their efforts might be harmed with their behaviour though.

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In-reply-to » Another minor inconvenience could have been avoided by reading the Arch Linux news feed before upgrading.

@mckinley@twtxt.net I must admit I was tempted to use EndeavourOS for an install on a HTPC (N97 mini PC) when it arrives to quickly get up and running, but then again I haven’t done a fresh install of Arch in quite a while so it sounds like things have simplified even more since then. Hmm…

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In-reply-to » @prologic hey mate, all working well here so far. The login issue isn't really an issue as far as actually logging in goes, rather if I get my password wrong it gives the response error code in console, the response of which contains the HTML for the wrong password page if you inspect it, but on the frontend itself nothing actually happens which is the confusion. Just stays on the login page as if it was never submitted. Am I alone in having this issue as well?

@prologic@twtxt.net Perfect 👌

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In-reply-to » Even if it might sound a bit overdramatic: Having a “mostly working” dwl Wayland setup now is a huge relief. 😅 It’s quite the weight off my shoulders.

Oh no, don’t tempt me. I’ve been on KDE for a while to not tinker and make it possible for my Windows using partner to use my laptop now and then, I’m trying to avoid the dwm/l addiction 🤣

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