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In-reply-to » 'Damn Small Linux' is Back - But Bigger Back in 2006 Slashdot reported on a 50-megabyte "micro" distro called Damn Small Linux. (And in 2012 we wrote that it "rose from the dead" with a new release candidate.)

50mb to now 700mb… I dunno, I know the numbers would have to inflate quite a bit since the days of 2006 etc but for a distro with that ethos I would have thought maybe 300-400mb would be more in line with what it wants to be.

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In-reply-to » Deep Abandoned Mine In Finland To Be Turned Into a Giant Gravity Battery James Felton reports via IFL Science: One of the deepest metal mines in Europe -- the Pyhasalmi Mine in central Finland -- is to be turned into an enormous gravity battery capable of storing 2 megawatts of energy. [...] Despite the cool name, the idea behind gravity batteries is really simple. During times when energy sources a ... ⌘ Read more

Pretty cool!

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In-reply-to » FUck'n hell I hate Youtube now.

It really does need viable competition. It’s a difficult one though, because it has by virtue of it being of the best early video sites in town and subsequent popularity, an absolute treasure trove of content, as bender says. But all owned by now what is a jackass company that loves being a monopoly.

Sadly the only way it changes is the people that post content on there move it all to other viable places, old and new, like mass migration. I don’t see how that happens, especially when content creators don’t want to lose the ad-revenue. But hopefully something gives eventually.

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