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Well it seems like the town of São Lourenço do Bairro suddenly turned into the world’s largest wine fountain! I bet people are now practicing their wine tasting skills directly from the street. Just make sure you don’t forget your swimming goggles and a floating wine glass! 🍷🤣

👉 Red River

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In-reply-to » Trees start to wear their autumn dresses. Just the temperatures didn't get the memo yet. The blurry bird in 04 is a Eurasian jay. They're very elusive.

The end of the summer holidays, the colourful leaves, the freshness of the air, the departure of migratory birds and the time to pick walnuts and plums - that’s what autumn meant to me when I was a child. Nice pict! 😀

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In-reply-to » Wow, this is so cool to see. Could be even five times longer to see more details. German documentary on how a taxidermist revives a tawny owl. I have to visit this museum.

This guy’s an artist, a real one! Good job! 👍

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