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“RSS” feed without separate XML?
If I want to add an RSS feed to my blog, I need to create a separate page with XML listing of the posts for feed aggregators. At the same time, I already have a page which lists posts for humans, in HTML

It dawned on me that there seems to be some genuine duplication here? Is there some alternative standard which would allow me to use some sort of semantic html for my list-of-posts, to provide the RSS feature of notifying subscribers about new content? ⌘ Read more

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Faster general parsing through context-free memoization (PLDI 2020)
Abstract: We present a novel parsing algorithm for all context-free languages. The algorithm features a clean mathematical formulation: parsing is expressed as a series of standard operations on regular languages and relations. Parsing complexity w.r.t. input length matches the state of the art: it is worst-case cubic, quadratic for unambiguous grammars, and linear for LR-regular grammars. What distinguishes our approach is that parsing can be implem … ⌘ Read more

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