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Show HN: San Francisco Compute – 512 H100s at <$2/hr for research and startups
Hey folks! We’re Alex and Evan, and we’re working on putting together a 512 H100 compute cluster for startups and researchers to train large generative models on.
- it runs at the lowest possible margins (<$2.00/hr per H100)
- designed for bursty training runs, so you can take say 128 H100s for a week
- you don’t need to commit to multiple years of compute or pay for a year upfront

Big labs like OpenAI and Deepmind have big clusters that support this kind of burs … ⌘ Read more

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Airbnb removed my negative review
I recently had a bad airbnb experience. During check in the host requested a cash deposit. this wasn’t explained in the listing or prior to arrival. i couldn’t check in and went elsewhere. Then i posted a review* giving these details.

Airbnb removed my below review because “The review didn’t have enough relevant information to help the Airbnb community make informed booking or hosting decisions.”

The rating of the place went back up after removal. The host still have “superhost” status … ⌘ Read more

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Merry Christmas, HN
Just wanted to wish everybody here a Merry Christmas. HN is one of those Internet communities which I would be the saddest to see go, even looking back on other communities in which I’ve participated over the years.

I see many posts here about loneliness, nihilism, friendships (or lack thereof) and just wanted to let everybody here know that life is never hopeless, and there are always people who care, even if they’re thousands of miles away.

Please reach out to loved ones this season and let them kn … ⌘ Read more

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