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I’ve been reading “Shareware Heroes: The renegades who redefined gaming at the dawn of the internet” learning of games developed before I was born, or when was too small.
I’m finding old gems to play and understanding that we have the same problems developing games 30+ years after, although with some obvious differences.

Currently playing:

Which reminds me of another Tetris I don’t know how it came to my PC in the 90s.

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I’ve been thinking of how to notify someone else that you’ve replied to their twts.

Is there something already developed, for example on yarn.social?

Let’s say I want to notify https://sour.is/tiktok/America/Denver.txt that I’ve replied to some twt. They don’t follow me back, so they won’t see my reply.

I would send my URL to, could be, https://sour.is/tiktok/replies?url=MY_URL and they’ll check that I have a reply to some of their twts, and could decide to follow me back (after seeing my twtxt profile to avoid spam)

Another option could be having a metadata like
follow-request=https://sour.is/tiktok/America/Denver.txt TIMESTAMP_IN_SECONDS
that the other client has to look for, to ensure that the request comes from that URL (again, to avoid spam)
This could be deleted after the other .txt has your URL in the follow list, or auto-expire after X days to clean-up old requests.

What do you think?

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My bookmark list is growing more and more (currently 600+ links)

Whilst there are some gems, there are also links I haven’t read, and perhaps never will.

I’m thinking of having some way of fade away them over time, and if I don’t do anything with a link in, let’s say, a year, it will vanish forever.
Something similar I do with contacts. If I don’t talk with someone for more than I year, why do I have them in my list?


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In-reply-to » @eapl.me So, if this clock now shows 16:20 (my wallclock says 16:52), this means that it would be 16:20 at my place if the sun had risen at 7:00 this morning? 🤔

it needs more explanation than only showing the time 😅

Yes, the idea is that it changes a few seconds every day to “start” at 7am with the sun ☀
The day lasts about 24 hours as usual

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Due to the Daylight Saving Time, I recall a quick clock I made where it adjust daily so sunrise is at 7am in your place.

Luckily in my country DST is no more, although it could be good and boring to always wake up with the same position of the sun.

After work I should write about this experimental (and unfeasible?) clock 🤔

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Now that my finances are going better with my ‘stable’ job from 9 to 5, I’m thinking back (unconsciously) to playing with a pet project for a few hours a week.

Would it be something related with microblogging and twtxt? A video game? A board-game? Or maybe something related with sports? Or maybe it’s better just allowing the free time to pass and not doing anythin’…

Just thinking 🙂

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“People get tired of hosting stuff for $8/month plus whatever the domain registration takes per year. Or they reinstall the OS on their Raspberry Pi machines, and forget that they were running Jetforce or something like that.”

Well, yes… self-hosting is nice until you face problems or unexpected costs for something not appealing anymore.

There are many technical alternatives, although I think the main problem is human. Our fears, expectations, desires and such.


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Finally I can share a not so broken version of the Web tool to record your burned calories every week 🔥🏃

Try to burn more than in previous weeks and climb to the next league against yourself from the past

As usual, any feedback is welcome 😀


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Today I was fighting against a TOTP library in PHP, since it works for 6 and 8 digits, but for 10 it was giving inconsistent values, due to a conversion to a 32 bits int.

It felt amazing when, after a few hours, I found what was causing the error…

And found that many libraries have the same problem.
Now I get why TOTP is limited to 8 chars. It’s a 2FA but not a Password. Perhaps another algorithm will be needed to support 16 digits.

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What a rough day 😣

I had forgotten how to mix a full job with everything else. I my 20s I studied, worked from Mon to Sun and spent time with my (now) wife.

I think it’s just a matter of getting used to it again. (In a healthy manner, of course)

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In-reply-to » @eapl.me work messaging/interaction is different. They are talking about the rubbish that is Discord. Enterprise messaging is work. It is very important especially whilst working remote. While at work, I have customised notifications, and yes, I almost instantly reply to queries, whether on Teams, emails, or voice (unless, of course, otherwise engaged on something else, but I multitask quite well via chat).

weeeell… I used to run our studio on Discord at least 8 hours a day, and also giving my classes, about 10 hours a week on Discord. So yes, you can work there. And for me, it’s the same problem for leisure, open source projects, communities, etc.

And I think we have different ethics, and perhaps different responsabilities. Answering instantly as a boss, as a Dev, as a professor or as a friend, is not one of mine. Unless it’s truly an emergency where lives are in danger. But as usual I respect my friends deciding to do otherwise.

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In-reply-to » Why I don't like Discord: It makes "beeps" at you, you go and figure out who wanted your attention, but you can't ever figure that out. It's just "beeping" at you for no good reason 🤦‍♂️

I can’t disagree although it’s almost the same with any corporate IM I have to use for work and school, like Slack and Teams.

First thing I do is taking half of an hour to disable notifications on Desktop, phones, mails, and even doing that they are trying to steal your focus interrupting you due to lack of settings for that.

I think the default fight for our attention creates an expectation of immediate response to everything and we should counter-fight to create the opposite effect. Digital minimalism helps here IMO. Checking messages only once a day, replying hours later unless it’s a true life and death emergency, and so on.

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I’m creating the default twtxt.txt file for twtxt-php, and I made a pause to think of the introductory text 🤨

Twtxt is an (open/distributed/decentralized) microblogging platform
for hackers and friends that use (raw text files/easy to read by humans), with common protocols, and (free/open) software

Although I know it’s a hard discussion, I’d like to hear your thoughts on what twtxt is and what twtxt-php should be.
Main points:

  • Distributed or decentralized?
  • Free or open source?
  • Human readable formats or raw text?

I think explaining that to a first-time user, would require a link to a whole explanation, but I think having the foundations for the remaining of the development would be helpful for the project.

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Last week on Gemini there was a discussion about Text-based (TUI) audio and music players.

Do you use any?

I’m quite happy with musikcube on Win10, and Minimalist on Android.

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Today I’m reading about how to save a copy of your secret keys outside a computer, using analog media, or sharing it by voice. For instance, for TOTP authenticators.

I found BIP39 coming from the crypto-wallets world:

The user has to write down this passphrase

fragile mimic expect ketchup truth between thunder visit expose output powder derive process disagree razor
Which is carefully designed to be checksummed and it’s easy to say on a call

Finally deriving it into a set of bytes like


Do you know some alternatives not related to cryptocurrencies? 🤔

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In-reply-to » The benefits of blockchain implementation across multiple sectors are well-documented, but how can this decentralised solution be used to achieve more sustainable programming?

When I talk about twtxt with friends, usually that question emerges.
What’s the difference between Federated, Distributed, and Decentralized?… And also the difference between platforms, systems, services, and such.
I remember we discussed that a few months ago.

I think you should have a post in your blog or similar as a future reference.

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In-reply-to » I'm curious. How many people truly believe blockchain social networks are the future?

Hmmm… That’s a pretty sensitive topic here, so I don’t know if you want to read different ideas… And we could write a whole book, but for the sake of intellectual discussion, let’s throw some points here.

Disclaimer: I briefly worked for a small crypto company in 2021 on the controversial Pay-to-win model using Enjin, Ethereum, and such. I received payments on crypto and paid people in other countries, being cheaper and easier than national services. I don’t think I’m a crypto-bro, and I don’t want to work in that area anymore.

I don’t like to say “everything X is evil” or “everything Y is good”, based on beliefs, ideology, and tech-religion. But people need those. Even I need something to believe in. Decentralization is my current value.
I think that’s the radical point of Crypto vs Not-Crypto.
“You are with us, or against us.”

As a technology, blockchain is, IMO, an amazing tool for decentralization, excuse the comparison, similar to BitTorrent. Proof of Work is problematic and it’s showing that when many people use it, it’s an environmental disaster.

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In-reply-to » I wonder how other people use social networks. Do they have a categorical social network for different types of posts? Or do they lump everything under one roof?

Well, I use Meta’s services about once a week to contact people who only use FB, IG, and WA (developers from my country on Groups, friends on Messenger, and family). Here everyone uses Whatsapp 24/7 for work and leisure, and mobile carriers offer free access to Meta apps, so it’s difficult to avoid using those 😅

I’m not a pictures person, so I push like 1 photo a year, but I adore microblogging: https://text.eapl.mx/microblogging

I use each service based on the kind of people I’m talking to, mainly to start conversations or share thoughts.
Twitter was like the default for creativity and arts 🎨💻, the reach and discovery of new people and content is decent (based on followers only), but a lot of people moved to Masto due to recent problems we all know.

No one uses Threads here (luckily) and I like twtxt a lot, but none of my close friends are here (yet) 😬

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In-reply-to » @eapl.me Hey tell me about this I found on your feed? 🙏

Hey tell me about this I found on your feed? 🙏
Sure! By the way it would be great to have your thoughts!

I have started drafting those here:

Those are: emoji (like on Gemini Station, an emoji instead of an image), lang (default language every twt in the file, or specific for a twt, like on Masto), version (to indicate which version of twtxt spec the txt file is using).

And I was checking that the hashing spec is prone to be extended from 7 characters to 10 or 11, so it would be great to know what that would happen.

Nice to greet you!

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I’m reading “Everything is F*cked: A Book about Hope” again. An uncomfortable reading on why we need hope and how we try to achieve it.
It makes me think a lot about my biases, public and private…

Well, I think it’s moment to start finishing the work week and prepare for the weekend. 🤨

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Today I found new -isms: Decentralism, federalism, centralism, distributism…

Interesting how information collides with politics and ideology 🤔
Buuut, that’s nothing to worry about (yet).

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In-reply-to » I've been really disconnected from twtxt due to work. Working on ETLs and Python all day long.

also, the new medication is making me sleep a lot…
I’ll take the opportunity to do so 😴

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I’ve been really disconnected from twtxt due to work. Working on ETLs and Python all day long.

Not that bad, although I don’t want to work on the PHP client that much. Anyway, it has the min features to take a conversation, so it works as a minimalist client. 😅

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