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Some(one/thing) is going Berserk at my web server and some of their requests are "GET /etc/shadow HTTP/1.1" and "GET /.ssh/id_ed25519 HTTP/1.1" … I think they should try and POST some kind of sudo rm -rf /* while they’re at it; it would be funnier.

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I’m still alive ! Here’s a quick, brainless recap dump before I switch back to the other side:

  • Been daily driving FreeBSD on the o(ther)ld machine for the last couple of days.
  • Read through the handbook, played around with jails, pulled on my hair because of network issues (I think I might have maybe fixed that) … etc.
  • Still procrastinating over migrating my Jenny/Mutt setup out there. until then, I’ll be getting my Twtxt fix reading through conversations over on the ✌
  • Gave a couple of Nostr based platforms a try, it was … not for me to say the least.
  • Started learning Emacs (I know, I’m in trouble LOL) and might even start twtin’ from there instead.

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In-reply-to » ... So it's gonna be either a:

Holly insert inappropriate word here ! 🤣 I have finally done it !!!

FreeBSD 14.0-RELEASE (GENERIC) #0 releng/14.0-n265380-f9716eee8ab4: Fri Nov 10 05:57:23 UTC 2023

Welcome to FreeBSD!

% pkg update
The package management tool is not yet installed on your system.
Do you want to fetch and install it now? [y/N]:

A freshly installed #FreeBSD Over SSH, thanks to mfsBSD !

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In-reply-to » What's all of this about? one may ask...

… So it’s gonna be either a:

  • Find a way to do a Chroot install a la Chad Arch Linux way, on a portion of the disk space while I’m Ssh-ing in and then whip out the old debian installation if all goes well.
  • or a YOLO automated/unattended install.

Either way, I’m ready to deal with the eff up! Because I’ve never done none of that before… 😂

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In-reply-to » I've ripped off it's GPU about a year ago to rescue another computer ... Now I'm stuck with only SSH to play with it. Since it came with just a VGA port for display and my monitor takes all but THAT!

What’s all of this about? one may ask…

Well I’ve been itching to toy around with a BSD on actual hardware and away from the comfort of VMs. NetBSD, FreeBSD, OpenBSD… It doesn’t matter. I just want to “Make it feel… Make it feel alive AGAIN!”


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In-reply-to » Planning a file back up from an old machine that's been sitting in the corner gathering dust... Because I know ! I'm about to eff it up, BIIIIG Time ! 😂

I’ve ripped off it’s GPU about a year ago to rescue another computer … Now I’m stuck with only SSH to play with it. Since it came with just a VGA port for display and my monitor takes all but THAT!

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This is a test twt to see if :set formatoptions-=t in vim would stop the annoying line breaking I’ve been having in my twts… And I guess, that’s it! Things are looking OK on my end.

How about if I add in a separate paragraph like this one? Did hit return twice for it. I hope it isn’t breaking anything else.

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In-reply-to » Do you believe one can survive surfing the web using a text-based web browser? (i.e: Lynx or W3m) no CSS no Bling for at least 24 hours 😲

Well! My 24 hrs without a GUI Web browser was quite of a nice experience.
As a matter of fact, and as long as I’m not doing any 3D work, I kind of don’t need gui applications as much as it feels like.

Even though, a couple of websites asked me to eff off because they need
JavaScript to work. Some others handed me a cold “402 Upgrade Required” client
error response… (LOL let’s not even talk about how Github repos looked
and felt like). I have managed to fix a couple of things I’ve been meaning to
for quite some time but never got, mainly to because of my browsing
habits. I tend to open a lot of tabs, read some, get distracted then
open some more and down the rabbit hole (or shall I say tabs) I go.

All in all, it was quite a nice experience.
How nice? It was an “I’m dropping into a full TTY experience for another
24 hrs” kind of nice!

Although, I miss using a mouse already, but hey, I would have never
heard about gpm(8) otherwise.

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I have finally decided on creating a proper… (landing page?) home page or whatever it is for my domain name.

It has been the same eye soar of a blank white page for years now.
And this, is when I had something I wanted to toy with in the background,
otherwise, which is most of the time, to be precise, It wasn’t pointing at anything at all. 😅

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In-reply-to » It's kinda quiet in here today! Oh, That sounds delicious! B’Saha![1]
I’m Glad you’ve had quite the productive! All I remember of mine is three chapters of an old novel at the coffee shop aaand … Now I’m here, in front of a computer. Everything in between is just Blank 😅

[1] B’saha: Moroccan word for “With health!” (a literal translation) usually used as an equivalent for the French expression “Bon Appétit!” but also used as “Congratulation!”

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In-reply-to » @prologic well, I think OP mother tongue isn’t English, so certainly not an encoding I might be familiar with. Thank
you! and here’s a twt with the said random characters, since I’ve been
cleaning them up manually, earlier before scp-ing my twtxt.txt file. And
maybe a screenshot of how things look in my editor?


Those new lines are added automatically as I type (except for the ones
after the screenshot.

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I’m still figuring out interactions mechanics on Twtxt, for example the at symbol is sufficient to mention someone you follow I guess, like when using the twtwt cli. is that implemented in the twtxt cli as well? it wouldn’t heart to try

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