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In-reply-to » I've gathers my ideas about mentions for twtxt/yarn here: Webmentions vs. custom mentions spec for twtxt/yarn - HedgeDoc You are welcome to edit and comment in the doc, so our ideas are not fragment into a bunch of treads you can over at or by looking at the raw txt
I can’t help it that only have temporary caching ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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In-reply-to » I've been out a few hours again. I came across a dozen or so forest mice. I heard tons of squeaking and saw a lighting fast moving seething mass under leaves and groves. It was impossible to capture anything but I could watch it for two, three minutes. They even seemed to come as close as 20 centimeters judging by the rustle and moving plant leaves. Pretty cool.

I like the self-shot in the mud:

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In-reply-to » I'm thinking of a kind of 'boost' or 'retweet/repost' for twtxt, so it can help with discoverability of interesting people to follow.

What about using the blockquote format with > ?

Snippet from someone else’s post

Would it not also make sense to have the repost be a reply to the original post using the (#twthash), and maybe using a tag like #repost so it eaier to filter them out?

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