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Had a very surreal experience the other day.

We had another big thunderstorm. First of all, there was so much lightning again. 😳 Is this the new normal now?

I watched the show for a while. At some point, I saw red and green lights in the sky. Ah, an airplane, I thought. Then I noticed that it’s moving downwards. Is that thing crashing? Omg, it’s coming down! The thunderstorm was still going strong, so who knows, maybe this really was an accident. It went down faster and faster – and theeeen I noticed, wait, this is coming down very close to me, but I don’t hear anything.

It must have been a little drone. 🥴

Still, very confusing, the whole thing. 😅 And who in their right mind is standing on an open field in the middle of a thundersturm flying a drone? 😅

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@movq@www.uninformativ.de Lucky you, we didn’t have any thunderstorms lately. But temps were somewhat passable. These storm chasers are a fun species. Taking it right to the next level. :-) I mean it is probably cool to see the thunderstorm from above or the inside. But better don’t crash into the windows of other people.

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