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Release v3.3.0 - New theme and improved usability · Jacalz/rymdport

I’ve been playing around with this version of Rymdport, which is a cross-platform GUI for magic-wormhole, and it seems pretty nice. I’ve been able to send files between several different Linux computers as well as between a computer and my phone with it.

One really nice feature is the direct support for sending text snippets. This is a good way to “securely” send something like a password from one computer to another. I say “securely” because you still have to communicate the wormhole code to the recipient, which of course could be intercepted and abused. The upshot though is that (a) you will know if someone connected to and downloaded whatever it was you sent, which allows for some amount of tamper detection; (b) the connection, once established, transmits data and closes without you having to do anything special, so there’s no chance that data is accidentally left available to the world.

The wormhole cli can receive text and sends it to stdout, so you’d probably want to do something more sensible with that if you send a password (like pipe it into a password manager or some other downstream receiver).

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