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Had to go to the office today. Leaving the house, some nice reddish spots appeared in the sky, probably saw a hedgehog and by the time I reached the train station, the sunrise had fully emerged. Unfortuntely, I did not have a camera with me, so I had to enjoy this super crazy, ultra red sky on the platform and can’t show you anything. It was easily one of the most beautiful sunrises of this year. A very large section of the sky was very, very red.

This evening I had to go for a quick stoll after suffering from terrible seating conditions in this meeting room. I met a few friends on the way and shook their hands. Then it occurred to one of them that this was a bad move, he’s home sick with a sore throat and a positive corona test. I watched like a hawk to not touch myself with that hand and sanitized the crap out of me when I got home. Let this cup pass from me. On the truly positive side, however, I saw a squirrel, the rest of the sunset (I missed the best part in the forest), six deer on a paddock and a bat flying over me couple of times. Good yield.


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