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@movq@www.uninformativ.de I can’t debug it, I don’t have the knowledge to do it. One thing I have noticed on LLMs is they don’t excel at mathematics (duh!). They are better at providing information that already exists, sometimes even in a logical way, or generating artistic outcomes (poems, songs, letters, images, videos, etc.). They can even generate decent code! (granted, not to be blindly trusted, but very helpful for a programmer, as it could speed up development process).

I have found other issues, like asking it who was the youngest person to ever been elected president of the United States. It often replies with wrong information to things that should be trivial knowledge. Every once in a while fully hallucinates.

The technology is rapidly evolving. I wouldn’t just dis it, and simply call it “pieces of crap”, or worthless things. There has been other things/technologies/stuff that worked/performed/functioned bad in their infancy, but then get better, and more useful, over time.

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