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Today I started my day getting up early, dog woke me up at 08:30, I then went for a 2 hour walk in the forest next to our city center. I hiked through there, down through the city and then around and back to the car. Was nice to see Nanook’s progress on walking through the main street, he’s can get overwhelmed there at times, and start to jump and nip etc, can be stressful when there is a lot of people around, because he’s a big dog. But I have trained a lot on that, because he does the same thing at a parking lot I usually walk through on our regular walks, so each time I’ve taken that walk I walk through there, and when he starts acting up I just ask him to sit, and when he sits he gets a treat, and we then resume the walk, if he walks fine he gets a new treat, if he acts up I tell him to sit again. I’ve done this over and over.. And now at our walk through the main street - I could do the same thing, so much less stressful :) And makes it a joy to walk there.

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