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I discovered a privacy (tracking/analytics) problem in Ollama Web UI which I filed a bug report for in #687 today. πŸ‘Œ – The author (or at least that’s who I think was responding) was really quick and good and helped me narrow down where this was coming from, a library from Unstructured IO here – Which if you look carefully you note:

def scarf_analytics():

Oh dear god 😱 Anyway, the author is proposing a fix (effectively enabling a DO_NOT_TRACK=1 type fis) and we’ll see. The point here is that a) the author was really great at responding to this and b) LittleSnitch was the tool that helped discover this in the first place (I’ve found and blocked other things in the past too!).

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Kudos to LittleSnitch. I don’t have a Mac right now, but I still keep my license up to date with them. Worth every penny.

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