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I’ve head good things from 1Password among friends. Perhaps not having a free tier makes it harder to be known here.

I’m using BitWarden free for everything except TOTP. I’m not syncing pwds with a team anymore, so I don’t need Team featured by now. Having it easyly available from all my devices is a plus.

That said, I’m always interested of alternatives improving my current “pass flow”, thanks everyone for sharing.

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Those using console or Git-synced alternatives. How do you check your passwords on mobile devices?

I tried using KeePass for Android, but I found the sync part a bit inconvenient, related to mainstream alternatives which work automatically.

Also, with pass or gopass I assume you can share the repo with a team, but can you use multiple repos? so you could share only a few secrets with selected people?… Thx!

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@mckinley@twtxt.net I use both KeePassXC and pass/pass-tomb. I find KeePassXC far superior. One major gripe I have with pass is that it is way, way, way too easy to end up with your passwords displayed on the screen in cleartext. That’s the default behavior of the pass CLI–you need to use the -c switch if you only want the password copied to the clipboard. I’ve been playing with the browser extension for pass and have flashed half a dozen passwords up on the monitor for the world to see, totally unexpectedly and accidentally. Even now that I know the way it can happen, I still end up doing it, because it’s just too easy. I don’t like that, and will be deleting the extension. I’ve never had that problem with KeePassXC.

I find it to be surprisingly bad behavior, personally. It’s soured me on pass, even though I generally like it as a command-line tool.

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